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Mary Lou

Mary Lou is a Thailand-based brand created by jewelry designer, Chaninapat Pongphetbundit. She graduated from Silpakorn University, one of the renowned universities in Thailand. Having shown keen interest towards the fashion industry since a very young age, Chaninapat Pongphetbundit decided to set up and launch her own brand in 2009.

The brand was first established as a small shop in Chatuchak flee markets. Mary Lou now designs, manufactures and markets jewellery made from high-quality materials at affordable prices.

With the brand Mary Lou rapidly growing, Natboonthawat joined the team shortly and was appointed to be a part of the brand coordinators and designers.

Mary Lou brand is the name of a girl, who is fun loving, free spirited and fashionable. She admires nature and animals, but at the same time, she also demonstrates intelligence in her, which is believed to be the characteristics that young adults are able to relate to.

Mary Lou designs each piece of jewelry with affection and requires skilled craftsmanship to design and develop. The Production team and facility are located in Thailand; therefore the production processes and quality control are closely monitored.

All About Brass: Reasons for you to become a fan of brass jewelry

  • Our products are mainly made from brass. The base metal of our jewelry is plated with a layer of Gold (.25 Micron thickness), Silver or Black Rhodium. Then, put on one full coat of Enamel, which produces a hard durable acrylic finish. 

  • Brass jewelry is increasingly used as a unique alternative in the fashion and accessory industries. Brass is chosen for all kind of jewelries because it looks similar to gold but ofcourse more affordable.

  • Brass holds up to the flame.

  • Transparent enamel on brass jewelry gives a beautifully smooth, shiny and glossy surface. 


Tips to Preserve Jewelry (especially the metal parts)

  • Do not expose it to any type of cream, lotion and perfume, which is an accelerator of tarnishing.

  • Remove your jewelry during bathing, hand washing and exercising. Metal like brass when exposing to water or sweat will oxidize and change its color.

  • Always clean your jewelry after each use. Wipe them with soft cloth to remove any product residues and sweat. 

  • To prevent an accelerated oxidation on jewelry, store them in airtight, tarnish resistant bags, such as ziplock bags.

  • Temperature and the amount of sweat are also the variable of color changing jewelry. 

  • The strong impact on solid objects can cause enamel coating jewelry to be cracked, chipped and scratched.

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