3-Piece Red Crown Crane Rings

3-Piece Red Crown Crane Rings





    3-Piece Red Crown Crane Rings

    These cute 3-piece Red Crown Crane rings are designed to be able to wear on the finger at once to create an adorable animal or wear different rings just only head or paws on different fingers.

    The Red Crown Crane ring is a completely unique handmade and hand-painted individual, waiting for a special person to take care of it.


    MaryLou products are mainly made of brass.

    The base metal of our jewelry is plated with a layer of Gold (.25 Micron thickness)

    Then, put on one full coat of Enamel, which produces a hard durable acrylic finish


    Ring Size Info

    4US - EU 47 ( Diameter = 14.9 mm / Circumference = 46.8 mm ) 

    5US - EU 49 ( Diameter = 15.7 mm / Circumference = 49.3 mm ) 

    6US - EU 52 ( Diameter = 16.5 mm / Circumference = 51.9 mm )

    7US - EU 54 ( Diameter = 17.3 mm / Circumference = 54.4 mm )

    8US - EU 57 ( Diameter = 18.1 mm / Circumference = 56.9 mm )

  • TIPS

    *Do not expose it to any type of cream, lotion and perfume
    *Remove your jewelry during bathing, hand washing
    *To prevent an accelerated oxidation on jewelry, store them in airtight, such as ziplock bags.
    *The strong impact on solid objects can cause enamel coating jewelry to be cracked, chipped and scratched.