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Persian cat CHARM,Grey eye

Persian cat CHARM,Grey eye




    Charms are pieces of jewelry for everyday wear since they can easily make simple outfits feel perfectly elevated. You can also express your personalities and taste through your charm choice. MaryLou’s concept is nature oriented, so we decide to create animal charms to reflect our own personality.

    Every step of jewelry making and the creative design process is delicate, thoughtful and vibrant.


    You can also design your one of a kind by customizing your own charms of your beloved pets and favorite animals with us today.

  • Material

    Animal Charm are mainly made of brass.

    The base metal of our jewelry is plated with a layer of Gold (.25 Micron thickness)

    Then, put on one full coat of Enamel, which produces a hard durable acrylic finish


  • Tips

    *Do not expose it to any type of cream, lotion and perfume
    *Remove your jewelry during bathing, hand washing
    *To prevent an accelerated oxidation on jewelry, store them in airtight, such as ziplock bags.
    *The strong impact on solid objects can cause enamel coating jewelry to be cracked, chipped and scratched.

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